International Dimension (ISA Activity / Global Exchange Program)

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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

At Bal Bharati Public School, Noida we truly feel that education is deeply transformational and its power affects the essential human tapestry of life and society across the globe. Hence it becomes imperative for us to ignite the spark of understanding and international peace at a tender age.

The school curriculum and co-curriculum have been developed not only to achieve excellence in the field of education but also to expose the children to the wide range of culture and activities which will broaden the mind & expand their horizons.

To encourage and develop an international dimension in all appropriate areas of school life, both within and beyond the curriculum.

To develop Interpersonal skills to become tolerant, understanding, courteous and curious global citizen.

To understand complex international interdependencies in the global economy.

Foster tolerance and understanding of global issues.

Raise awareness and celebrate the cultural diversity throughout the world.

To embed the global dimension within school internal and external curriculum, engaging students to celebrate their own cultural identity & to foster respect for other cultures, languages and religions.

To practice peace and harmony and resolve conflicts in the Gandhian way.

Promote greater interaction through students – teacher exchange programmes and make learning more dynamic.

Facilitate co-operative learning growth and development transcending boundaries.

Encourage creation of links with schools in other countries and provide an opportunity for foreign students to visit and study in our school.

Promote innovative teaching learning methodology.

Facilitate a scientific temperament amongst students along with provision of greater vistas for communicating with people from different backgrounds.

Provide greater information on educational and career opportunities available beyond the domestic frontiers.

To implement the International Policy comprising the action plan through various projects and activities of the school.

To undertake periodic appraisal of the action plan which is implemented.

To establish links with schools of different countries.

To facilitate exchange programmes to enrich the knowledge of teachers and students.

To create an awareness in the class room teaching and activities by adding international dimension.

To execute the action plan for international activities into well defined projects.

To provide a framework to strengthen the existing international dimension in the school.

To infuse in the students the desire to learn about other countries.

To help the school celebrate the rich and diverse cultural heritage and ethnic diversity within the school through assemblies, international days, multi cultural events etc.

To reinforce and regularly evaluate learning outcome recorded on a continuous basis.

To set up collaborative projects with link schools, which include pen pal linkages, exchange visits, questionnaires, workshops etc.

Sunbeam Ballia Public School, Ballia had its videoconference on 19th September 2013 with De La Salle Zobel School in Philippines. Students from classes IX-XI participated in the videoconference. Simmi Kher from Tony Blair Foundation facilitated the videoconference. Students discussed diversity of religion & festivals, faith and belief in their school and community. The students were highly engaged during the entire videoconference. It was indeed an enriching experience for them.