Sunbeam school Ballia believes in inculcating values in students. Therefore the school has segregated students in various groups which are name as ” Houses”. It starts from class – III onwords.

Name of the houses are:

Red House:  It depicts ” Love” – the value of this house are that students should have a competitive spirit and should try and his all task given to them and students have the spirit in life tree because life is a race.

Yellow House:   It depicts “Joy” – which teaches children about life lessons that students should be wise and kind to every being and to treat everyone equally.

Green House:     It depicts “Hope” never losing hope either in games, activities or in real life . Which imbibe  in students to do all the given duties with almost honesty and shouldn’t  deceive anybody  in life.

In this manner, all these “HOUSES” inculcate good moral values and lesson among the students