Student Council

In order to inculcate the sense of democracy through elections we have organized the election of Head Boy & Head Girl by secret ballet paper. Student’s participation was surprisingly very active. The council use to share many responsibilities in co-curricular activities and at the public domain also.

Sunbeam School, Ballia

Students’ Council Member  (2019-20)


  Designation Student’s Name Class/Sec.
1 Head Boy Master Rishabh Pathak XII-B
2 Head Girl Miss Shruti Chaudhary XII-C
3 Head Prefect Master Ashutosh Singh XI-A
4 Vice-Head Prefect Master Aditya XI-B
5 Vice-Head Boy Master Rajwardhan Singh XI-D
6 Vice-Head Girl Miss Anshu Yadav XI-B
7 Sports Captain Master Atul Kumar Gupta XII-A
8 Vice Sports-Captain Miss Ayushi Singh XI-C
9 Cultural Captain Master Amanjeet Singh XI-C
10 Literary Head Miss Saloni Shukla XII-B
11 Discipline Head Miss Saniya Chaturvedi XI-D
12 Counseling Prefect Master Naman Srivastava XI-D
13 House Captain Red (Love) Master Debashish Tripathi X-C
14 House Vice-Captain Red (Love) Miss Navya Singh IX-C
15 House Captain Yellow (Joy) Master Harsh Bardhan Tiwari IX-B
16 House Vice-Captain Yellow (Joy) Miss Shreya  
17 House Captain Green (Hope) Master Jai Singh XII-A
18 House Vice-Captain Green (Hope) Miss Muskan Singh X-A
19 Health & Hygienic Inspector Miss Shringi Upadhyay IX-C
20 Library In-charge Miss Smriti Singh XI-A
21 Deputy Library In-charge Master Ankit Kumar Pandey XII-A

Executive Council Members


1 Master Amit Kumar Verma XII-B
2 Master Himanshu Singh XII-C
3 Master Priyanshu Soni XII-B
4 Master Navneet Ranjan Mishra XII-A
5 Master Tushar Raj XI-A
6 Master  Suryansh Pandey IX-B
7 Master Neeraj Mishra XI-B
8 Miss Aishanjali Singh XI-B
9 Miss Samriddhi Pandey IX-C
10 Miss Bhumi Chaubey XI-B
11 Master Pawnesh XI-A
12 Master Saurabh Raj XI-A
13 Master Sonal Parwat XI-C
14 Master Abhay XI-C